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JEALOUS MISTRESS is the exciting new murder mystery written by Susan Alexander, author of A QUICKER BLOOD (see
It’s October 1981, and the Reagan administration has just declared that ketchup is a vegetable.  Alison Ross has chosen to temporarily abandon her demanding career as a lawyer so she can spend more time with her two young children.  She'd like to find a part-time job, but because “the law is a jealous mistress,” requiring a full-time commitment, her search for part-time work has led nowhere.

Early one morning, Alison stumbles across a dead body at her daughter’s nursery school.  Because she saw the school janitor making a hasty exit, she reluctantly becomes enmeshed in the police investigation.  When the police charge the janitor with the murder, Alison has doubts about his guilt and decides to find out what really happened.  Could this be the part-time job she's been looking for?

Pursuing the real killer while she juggles life at home with her husband and kids, Alison uncovers a host of shocking secrets in the quiet suburb of East Winnette.




Jealous Mistress and A Quicker Blood  (my first novel) are both on the shelves at these bookstores in the San Francisco Bay Area: 

Books Inc. on Chestnut Street in the Marina; Books Inc. in Laurel Village; Browser Books on Fillmore Street (at Sacramento); and Alexander Book Co. at 50 Second Street (between Market and Mission Streets).  They're also available by order at bookstores everywhere.


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